First Look – Forever


The oft-forgotten ABC network brings us Forever, a story that seems to be a marriage of Elementary and the long-departed New Amsterdam. Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd) is a medical examiner who has been cursed with immortality. He gained the ability to not die during a sea voyage in the early 19th century during which he was shot and thrown overboard. Every time he is “killed,” he awakes in water, without any clothing. (Constant rebirth.) Morgan has keen powers of observation and often points out things that everyone else misses, much like Sherlock Holmes. His mission is to figure out how to die for good.

This show is completely lacking in originality and does not contain the wit that made New Amsterdam (with its nearly identical premise) so entertaining or the depth of writing and character development that keeps Elementary chugging. I give it five episodes, and that’s probably being generous. The pilot was leaked on the Internet, but will officially premiere on 22 September (up against the return of Sleepy Hollow, nice going there, ABC!)

My grade: D+ (Gigantic deduction for lack of originality, boring characters and having nowhere to go.)

Perfect Preseason


The NY Giants achieved a perfect preseason with yet another win over the New England Patriots last night. While I don’t have much confidence in the starting offensive line, I do think this season will be better than the last. My official prediction is 9-7. I hope they surprise me.