True Blood Meets the True Death


We always knew it would all end in tears.

True Blood met the True Death last night to the relief of many, including myself. While the show had a decent couple of seasons, everything from that point forward was rubbish. It became stalled in a gooey concoction of ridiculous storytelling coupled with maudlin sentimentality. I didn’t care about Sam or Arlene (or her got-awful red hair) or Jessica or Jason or the witches or fucking Marlow and especially Tara. Too many sidestories and dramas and idiocy led this promising series to drown in its own bullshit. And after all that, everyone comes together for Thanksgiving three years later and acts like nothing ever happened. Someone knocked Sookie up, too, and we’ll never know who that was. WTF? What a wasted final season and utterly unsatisfying finale. RIP True Blood. You’ll soon be forgotten.

My final grade: D (If it weren’t for Pam, it would’ve been a straight-up F.)

NOTE: One tiny saving grace was Arlene and Holly’s brief speculation about a vampire baby and what a bitch it would be to breastfeed. I smiled.

The Doctor Returns


Series 8 of the rebooted Doctor Who hit the airwaves last night, and I have to say I’m disappointed. The story was non-compelling, except for the last few minutes, which provided continuity from Eleven. Peter Capaldi presents a slightly darker, more subdued Doctor and to be honest, I’m not sure he has the energy to pull off the role. Time will tell. I’m also puzzled as to where all the negativity (narcissism, control freak) toward Clara was coming from. But the biggest mystery of all was in this line..

I am the Doctor. I’ve lived for 2,000 years.

What? Eleven was 971. There’s a 1,200 year memo missing, and that is what will keep me watching.

My (initial) grade: C (Deductions for very poor storyline, negative portrayal of Clara, unconvincing Doctor and lots of MEH.)